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Apr 19 2013
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Congratulations to the following Global East Asia scholars for summer 2013! Global East Asia is a summer study abroad scholarship program administered by EASC and funded by a generous grant from the Freeman Foundation. Follow our scholars’ adventures this summer on the Global East Asia China, Japan and Korea blogs.

Global East Asia China

  • Jeffrey Bassette, Popular Music and Business Administration
  • Erica Christianson, Political Science
  • Esmeralda Del Rio, History and English Literature
  • Michelle Lau, Business Administration
  • Cliff Liu, Broadcast Journalism and Political Science
  • Grace Mi, Animation and Digital Arts
  • Joshua Neill, Neuroscience
  • Amy Nham, Biological Sciences
  • Kristi Rogers, Linguistics and East Asian Languages & Cultures
  • Sunny Sun, Business Administration and International Relations
  • Danielle Then, Psychology
  • Elisa Ting, Public Relations
  • Tyler Tokunaga, Business Administration, EALC
  • Oanh Tran, Business Administration and International Relations

Global East Asia Japan

  • Evan Brown, Physics and Computer Science
  • Lawrence Burns II, Political Science
  • John Carlson, Biochemistry and East Asian Languages & Cultures
  • Kalai Chik, International Relations (Global Business) and EALC
  • Yael Freiberg, Biological Sciences
  • Sally Fu, History
  • David Gero, Film & TV Production
  • Jairo Hernandez, Computer Science
  • Sally Kim, Film & TV Production and East Asian Languages & Cultures
  • Olga Lexell, Critical Studies
  • Annika Linde, East Asian Languages & Cultures, Linguistics, and Music (Choral)
  • Sophia Mostowy, Psychology
  • Yuewan Wang, International Relations and Business Administration
  • Matt Wong, Neuroscience

Global East Asia Korea

  • Abigail Becker, East Asian Area Studies and International Relations
  • Jasmine Collins, International Relations
  • Margarette Deagon, Health & Humanity
  • Kayla Foster, East Asian Languages & Cultures and International Relations
  • Olivia Hudnut, East Asian Area Studies and Business Administration
  • Hanna Jolkovsky, History
  • Daniel Kim, Biological Sciences
  • Jaemyeong Lee, Theater and Narrative Studies
  • Hyun Taek Lee, East Asian Languages & Cultures
  • Ariadne Lyon, Psychology
  • Shawn Rhoads, Physics and Psychology
  • Melina Sutton, American Studies and Business Administration
  • Lauren White, Communication

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